Development Application

A development application is a request to a consent authority for permission to carry out a proposed development. The development application provides information to the consent authority about the proposed development to enable it to properly assess the application. DAC can assist in the preparation of a properly made development application for your project to ensure your application has the best chance of success.

Statement of Environmental Effects

Most development applications lodged need to be accompanied by a town planning report (Statement of Environmental Effects) on the proposal. DAC is able to prepare a town planning report to accompany your development application which addresses how the proposal complies with Council’s planning controls and justifies why Council should approve the development application.

Modification of Development Consent

After obtaining your development consent for your project it is often necessary to modify the consent to achieve better outcomes for your development. This may include amendment to specific conditions or the application plans. DAC can prepare the necessary modification application and supporting documents to ensure that your development approval is commercially viable.

Environmental Impact Statements

If your development proposal is of a major or environmentally sensitive nature it may need to be accompanied by a more detailed planning report called an Environmental Impact Statement. DAC can advise on the need for an EIS and where required we can prepare an EIS to accompany your development application.

Socio-Economic Impact Assessments

Socio-economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) is a useful tool to help understand the potential social and economic impacts of a development proposal. It can be used to assess impacts of a wide range of projects ranging from a childcare centre to a new highway. DAC can prepare a SEIA to accompany you development application.

Part 5 Assessments- (E.P. & A. Act)

Infrastructure projects such as roads, water supply and sewer.