Rezoning Requests (Planning Proposals) & State Significant Site Submissions

In NSW rezoning can be initiated through the local planning authority or by the Minister for Planning by way of a State Significant Site Submission. Rezoning requests normally need to be accompanied by a town planning report addressing relevant planning matters including appropriate studies and strategies. DAC can assist you in the preparation of an appropriate rezoning proposal and necessary supporting reports, including consultations with key stakeholders and negotiations with the relevant planning authority to obtain your required rezoning.

Strategic Plans & Planning Strategies

Strategic Plans & Planning Strategies are an important planning tool to assist land owners and planning authorities to achieve the most appropriate use and disposition of land, particularly for urban development. They can also guide decisions in relation to infrastructure timing, development feasibility and sequencing. Strategic planning is a key area in which DAC can value add your project.

Rezoning Studies

Rezoning studies are prepared to inform Planning Proposals in relation to potential land uses zones. Rezoning Studies identify key site opportunities and constraints and infrastructure requirements. They are a useful planning tool to achieve the most efficient and sustainable zoning outcomes.

Management Plans

Management plans an important planning tool to assist in the efficient development of a project during the construction and operational phases. They may address issues such as construction, habitat and traffic management, as a means of mitigating potential development impacts. DAC can prepare an appropriate suite of management plans to support your project.

DAC Planning

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Suite 7 Corporate House, 8 Corporation Circuit, Tweed Heads South, NSW 2486 Australia