Project Feasibility Studies

DAC Planning recognises that the costs of site acquisitions and approval timeframes have significant implications for project feasibility. We therefore consider that town planning advice in relation to key planning controls and site opportunities and constraints are vital to enable you to make an informed commercial decision in relation to your development project. We therefore offer a prompt and targeted service in providing project feasibility advice to assist you, prior to purchase.

Urban Planning & Subdivision Design

Having completed a site analysis and feasibility study, project design is the next step in the Planning process. Project design includes subdivision layouts, urban design and built form design. DAC can provide valuable advice and input into this phase of the planning process including co-ordination of specialist consultants and compliance audits to achieve optimal design outcomes.

Project Master Planning

Large scale projects often involve complex regulatory controls and challenging site conditions. Coordination and integration is also an important aspect for planning large projects. Project Master Planning provides an opportunity to achieve best practice outcomes for your development project. DAC Planning can facilitate the Master Planning process to ensure that your project is at the leading edge of contemporary urban planning.

Project Co-ordination

DAC Planning has extensive experience in the coordination and management of multi-disciplinary project teams involved in preparing Master Plans, Planning Proposals and Development Applications. We can coordinate a consulting team with the necessary skills and experience to deliver a timely, cost effective and feasible project for your site.

General Planning Advice

The NSW planning system is complex and prescriptive which can make navigating your way through the planning process a complex and time consuming exercise. DAC Planning can offer you a range of services and advice that can help and support you in efficiently achieving your planning goals.

Approvals, Negotiations & Co-ordinations

Complex and major projects frequently require the terms and conditions of Approvals to be negotiated with the Consent Authority as a means of minimising court appeals and reducing delays and costs in obtaining Approvals. DAC Planning can negotiate with key stakeholders in the planning process to achieve a timely and commercially acceptable development approval for your project.